Do Games Really Increase Your IntelligenceMost people regard gaming as something to pass the time or just fun, but there really is evidence to prove that playing games can make you smarter, better at making decisions and even increase your IQ.

– Creative thinking:

Commonly known as ‘thinking outside the box’. All kinds of games create a scenario where plays are required to think creatively in order to achieve a goal or medal in the game. With practise, the gamer can then apply these skills in real life scenarios.

– Multitasking:

Switching between tasks can be a challenging concept for most people, because as humans we tend to focus on one aspect more than another, therefore neglecting other important tasks. Gaming improves your multitasking abilities and keeps the mind awake and responsive to several pieces of information at once. Bring this to reality and it can become a very useful ability.

– Reaction times:

This may be the most obvious effect which gaming has on the mind, and there’s a reason for